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It’s no secret that San Antonio is the place to go when you want to have fun moments as you sip your favorite drinks without burning a hole in your pocket. Bars in San Antonio provide perfect venues for enjoying classic and craft cocktails. But, Babcock Social Pub has blazed on in a different direction that respects the classic technique. We serve new flavors that will delight you every time you visit.

We set the bar a little higher by providing something different to our patrons. We believe that your night out at our venue should stand out. For this reason, we ensure that you enjoy the luxury San Antonio offers by hanging out at the most glorious night out spot in town. Sip a sophisticated cocktail or splurge on your friends or date without worries or interruptions. We guarantee you that the time and money you will spend at this venue will be truly worth it.

What’s more, we host the best local and international artists occasionally. This guarantees you a great dancing experience and live music. Our setting is amazing with awesome sound and lighting systems. We also have outdoor spaces where you can catch some fresh air before hitting the dance floor again to continue the party.

We also have a great menu that caters for the needs of our suave clientele. Thus, you don’t have to leave Babcock Social Pub to look for San Antonio Riverwalk restaurants. Just order your favorite meal while having fun and it will be served just the way you want it. Rest assured of an experience that you can’t get anywhere else in town when you come over to Babcock Social Pub.

We specialize in making your night out experience amazing. Anytime you plan to go out, come over to this reputable venue. We promise you an experience that is completely different from what you can get from the other bars in San Antonio.